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Garbage and Recycling

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Each Level has a Garbage and Recycling Room equipped with Garbage Chute and two recycling bins.  Please refer to Nexus By-Laws Residential (Section 14).

  • Garbage should be “double-bagged” and placed in the Garbage Chute
  • No liquids, sharp or irregular shaped items should be placed in the Garbage Chute as they will cause spillages, breakages and/or obstructions
  • Recycled Paper and Cardboard (broken down into small pieces) should be placed in the Blue Bin
  • Recycled Glass and Plastic (rinsed clean) should be placed in the Black Bin
  • Bins are emptied daily and taken to the Garbage and Recycling Room located on Level M
  • If you have large quantities or bulky items of Glass, Plastic or Paper that you would not normally leave in your apartment, please take them to the Garbage and Recycling Room on Level M and break them down into smaller pieces to place in the Recycling Bins
  • If you have any problems with Garbage or Recycling, call the Building Manager (see the Emergency Contacts tab)
Download a copy of the Nexus - Garbage Room Notice.

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