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What to do with Junk Mail?

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Junk Mail

Each Mailbox has a NO JUNK MAIL sticker attached.

  • If you receive Junk Mail in your mailbox and do not require it, then dispose of it responsibly in the paper Recycling Bins.
  • Do not leave any Junk Mail on top of the mailboxes. 
  • If you receive incorrectly addressed mail in your mailbox, then mark the mail as “Not known at this address - Return to Sender” and place it in a red Australia Post street mail box. 
  • Do not leave any incorrectly addressed mail on top of the mailboxes as the Postman will not collect this mail for return. 
  • It is estimated that each apartment receives 23 Kgs of Junk Mail per year which equates to 70 Kg CO2 emissions to produce, mail and dispose of.  This much Junk Mail destroys 55 sqm of habitat and produces 100 litres of waste water per year! 
  • Your efforts in keeping the mailbox area free of mess has helped reduce our Junk Mail by 99% and saves 2000 Kgs of Junk Mail per year passing through the Nexus recycling bins as well as reducing CO2 emissions by a massive 6.2 Tonnes per year! 
  • Have a look at the Distribution Standards Board Code of Practice regarding Junk Mail.
  • If you have any problems with Junk Mail, call the Building Manager (see the Emergency Contacts tab)

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