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Home How does the Nexus Fire Control System notify an alarm?

How does the Nexus Fire Control System notify an alarm?

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  • If smoke or fire (in any part of the Nexus building) is detected by the Nexus Fire Control System, an alert is sent to the Fire Services Control Board on Level M and also to the Fire Brigade who are dispatched to Nexus.
  • An Evacuation alarm will then sound on the floor where the smoke or fire was detected as well as the floor above and below thus allowing two floors at a time to be evacuated and avoid a crush on the two sets of Fire Stairs.  The process of sounding the alarm will then repeat itself two floors at a time to ensure an orderly exit from the building.
  • For example, if the smoke or fire is detected on Level 1, then the alarm sounds on Ground and Level 2, then after a period, on Level 3 and 4, then Level 5 and 6, etc until finally it sounds on level 10 and 11.  If the sprinkler system had been activated (due to a fire), then the fire would have been extinguished on the initially detected level.

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