Nexus at St Leonards, 13-15 Atchison Street, St Leonards

The most energy efficient and sustainable strata building in Sydney!

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Sustainable Strata

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Strata Plan

Strata schemes like any other property or investment need an energetic and proactive management approach with a view to and a vision for the future of the building and owners.  This is sustainable strata and can be viewed in three distinct but interrelated ways:

  • the owners' vision for their future in terms of creating a sense of community,
  • the long term protection and enhancement of the real estate asset value of the property and
  • the carbon footprint or energy usage of the scheme over its life cycle.

The steps to sustainability:

  • have a robust and healthy executive committee with efficient office bearers,
  • build a real sense of community amongst all residents of the scheme,
  • develop a strong and dynamic vision for the future,
  • enact good corporate governance,
  • actively maintain common property, have a heightened awareness of energy usage and carbon footprint,
  • maintain a professional sinking fund report plus an energy audit

This is what we do at Nexus - and why we are "the" sustainable strata scheme and "the" place to live in Sydney!

Bright & Duggan - Strata News (Issue 30, Summer 2011)


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